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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  March 26, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> and we have a liftoff. neil: here is all you need to know about how sad this country has become. we are hitching rides with the russians into space. that rocket the latest example. the only way we can get there. american astronaut paid for the privilege. steve swanson did not pay that himself, of course, we did as we always do. space bigger is cannot be choosers. i am neil cavuto and talk about a fall from grace. every time i see these images i just get sick. the compan country that conquere thumbing rides to get into space. and for what we are paying, we better not be complaining.
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the russians say it is a bargain. and we are lucky they are not hiking the bill. such a deal. i am told it is a fixed rate for the next three years to cover six flights, not six round-trip flights, what one way tickets. when it is time for swanson to come home, $71 million made out to the russian space federation for the return trip. what a trip. the russians is all we have got and it is all they have got. it ain't much. worword is it is having problems right now, engine problems, the russians say they're having a devil of a time adjusting the orbiting path. that's not good. so a round of a with international that was supposed to take about six hours after launch has now been delayed at least a couple of days.
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days. what are they doing in the meantime? talk about a taxi ride from hell. but they are no money back guarantee, discount for follow-up. pay up and shut up. i'm just glad neil armstrong isn't around to see what has become of us. i guess we figure if it is as if russia, china or iran will try to fill the void, right? wrong. i don't know how we ended up here, but i don't like what is going on here. the company that ruled the world wide web entangled itself in eight at so massive. but this isn't stuff, this is our soul. that is why the russians don't take us seriously. think about it, would you? that is what happens when the world sees he paid $61 million for a seat, they keep kicking you in the. i apologize for my language.
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others i apologize after the fact. it is just sad. what do you think? >> this is a truly pivotal cliff moment for us. i think we are truly this close to losing everything america has been and america is. i would do anything to find a way to wake up the american people before it is too late because i believe we are right there. neil: we're so used to hitching rides we figure the space shuttle thing ended, we had a good run, there is a new champ in town, several new champs exploring space. ireland going to the moon, we had our fill, what do you know? >> these little indignities add up, neil. if you just talk to americans in everyday life, there is a real
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and nagging concern about american decline. whether it is a stagnant economy over many years, and outsize government we can no longer pay for, seeming to be a government that is diminished to experience world events or like this on the internet on our space program this is this idea that america is no longer what it used to be. you mentioned neil armstrong. i had the honor and privilege of meeting briefly and shaking the hand of buzz aldrin the other day. i have to wonder what is going through his head as he sees these stories about the united states government paying multimillion dollar cab fare is essentially to russia of all places in the middle of this crisis we are doing with them to go into space because we know longer currently have the capacity to do that. that is very symbolic and upsetting for a lot of people.
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neil: what worries me of late is what we have on the argument that it is a world wide web. nobody can own it or control it. let's all share alike, we are citizens of the world, no longer examples or meaningful leaders in the world, we aren't exceptional. the message from th the top sine we get over this exceptionalism. >> america is exceptional. what is great about america is we are good. in the name of globalism while the give up everything that is soverei about america and the internet, which we did build of that, mr. obama. neil: al gore did, more to the point. >> as we give these things up, neil, we are literally risking everything for the safety of the entire world.
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a truly could take over the world in about a day if you really look at it. the reason we never have is because we are good. when you handoff that prospect, you handed over to people like the people who would create the situation like 9/11. neil: it is weird. we will watch closely, do appreciate you taking the time. we are pressed for time. the interview that made our facebook page light up. hobby lobby attorney speaking to me about the case against obamacare. hear the sound bite that got everybody reacting. and then d.c. took away our lightbulbs. now going after our burgers? this shall not stand because this has something to do with a carbon footprint? and the man many are calling the presidential front-runner you do not know but you should know because people in the know the indiana governor mike pence is the real deal.
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not quite a fox's as alert, but tell me if this ring the bell yet again. some of them are dead set against extending jobless benefits said there for starting folks because they want to rein in the food stamp program. one in five americans are getting food stamps or one in three, some type of food assistance. they are anti-american. enter mike pence. i think he is saying it is time the grand old party to all but man up. it is not heartless to question the program, it is heartless not to. getting a lot of buzz going beyond the borders. he is too gentlemanly to press his case. >> good to be with you. neil: you have done a lot of good things. a lot of it is your rhetoric. republicans always be on defense, questioning government
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spending that has run amok saying this is the conscientious thing to do. but you get a lot of grief from people, but you give as good as you get. what is your strategy? >> i think the strategy has a lot to do with all the good things happening in indiana. simply to cut government spending. i think we have to have a positive agenda. permanently reducing the size and scope of the government, resources and the flexibility so states like indiana can continue to solve these intractable problems our nation is solving. we had a great announcement, opening a state-of-the-art production facility in the coming years, we are leading the country in manufacturing growth, the lowest unemployment rate in
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the midwest, all of that is a result indiana has been doing things the in the nl way, less regulation, right to work, we just have to do a lot more of that to make progress as a nation. let the states innovate. neil: it makes perfect sense. i do think there is an inherent fear of the part of republicans to look heartless or be vilified in the mainstream media and never explain why it is detrimental to those out at work to keep extending the jobless benefits or why it behooves us to rein in a program that has grown to the degree it has because it will cost all of us beyond any possible imagination. they are afraid to do that. you say they are afraid not to.
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>> washington, d.c., is not only broken, it is broke. we need leaders in the capital willing to roll their sleeves up and say we have to do things differently whether it be in the area of unemployment insurance or food stamps or whether it be in the area of entitlement reform. neil: it means challenging that mainstream view that if you are for reining in something or if you are for accounting for infrastructure spending that we've already had before you commit more money to it, you don't want to fix the road and bridges, you don't want to feed the poor or you are anti-pork, you say you have to be more on offense, is that the just? >> there is a real idea, when you isolate yourself to a debate within washington, d.c., do you
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spend more or do you spend less? how about we talk about spending differently? in the area of medicaid, for instance. let's send medicaid back to the states like indiana. one of the most consumer driven health care programs in the country, we are currently in negotiations with the administration to give us the flexibility for any medicaid done along those lines and powering individuals. i am a real champion today number one the state of indiana but also number two for the fact it is a shining example of what can happen in the economy or in the schools to give states more freedom and more flexibility. the state of indiana can do more with the same amount or less in many cases with the government programs in education or and infrastructure if you just give
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us the resources, give us the flexibility and we will solve problems the indiana way. neil: you do not get anywhere as a party or as an internet being on defense. >> thank you, neil. neil: the government could soon be telling you what to eat to beat the heat. i am not kidding. "candy crush"? tommy don't tell me i didn't wa. man, oh man. $8 billion? that is not candy, that is that is not candy, that is cocaine. gunderman group.
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neil: welcome to all of you social media followers. apparently we are getting you by the thousands if not dozens. i know you are watching because i tweeted for you to watch and a new shows a tweet from the show's star is 40% more likely to make you watch and a tweet from someone else including all those little people who work with me. last time i checked i am the star of this show, which is good news because i'm starting to tweet myself. great show, neil, you are phenomenal. don't know how you do it. how do i finish that? share my wisdom with you guys, already a lot of you have been responding. this one from alex. quite an accomplishment, you know you are somebody when
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you're able to coin a hashtag about yourself. i will take that as a compliment because i have no idea what you're talking about. washington, get your hands off of my can always. news obama a administration may be telling you to cool it on the carbs and your carbon footprint. hinting they could be used to promote a healthy and ecologically responsible diet. first they tell us what light bulbs to use now they will tell us what to eat? unfortunately they are both not making my point. anyway. anyway. this is, to me, weird. what do you think? >> this is well beyond the stated purpose of this committee.
11:21 pm
the department of agriculture and health and human services issues these guidelines on a healthy diet, on what folks should eat for a healthy diet through this advisory committee, and committee is the stated purpose to improve the overall health of the american people, nothing to do with the environment, this is well beyond the stated goal or the idea behind the creation of this committee to begin with. neil: i have a cupcake here. thank you. i can understand if they want to be do-gooders, but to add because you don't know what it will do to your carbon footprint, i think they are mixing it. >> this is another example of where our government is becoming a nanny state. we are now allowing ideology to trump practicality.
11:22 pm
the global warming alarmists are the ones who created this carbon footprint and essentially have people paying out of the nose all over the place to leave less of an imprint of a carbon footprint when there's no scientific evidence this is making any impact whatsoever on the environment. neil: don't have to be consistent with what they are lecturing about? the cupcakes i can see. but to confuse them with the carbon footprint thing, i don't know which ill to address first. >> chairman of this board did not even tried to hide her agenda, simba stated if we can encourage people to eat less meat. your job is supposed to be with the health and human services and department of agriculture. what part of this is on a carbon footprint? neil: sorry, cupcakes, hands off
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my cupcake. this is just opening up a new battlefront here. >> that is exactly right. the big question is if the consideration now or the environment, where does this end? if the committee very publicly has said we want to take into account methane emissions from cows and prescribing a healthy diet for you, where does this go? what other options are taken into account? right now they are in the drafting stage still. they will issue a report at the end of this year or early next year which will then be opened up for public comment. neil: thank you both. not any answers, not on cupcakes. here on what we may never know.
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they are all looking at that, hope that gets wrapped up soon. remember, that is very serious stuff too. i hope we do get it finished. i would have liked to have seen her grant some limited immunity, that would cause problems. remember the difficulty after? neil: this seems more risks with not giving her immunity and letting her talk or say something beyond pleading the fifth here. will we ever get answers, or
11:31 pm
will this be like one of those harold investigations that never has a conclusion? >> hard to know. the service is extensively thorough as we all know. they have produced all the documents that have been requested as far as i can tell, but the search is pretty broad. i watched some of the hearings just asking for the e-mails is pretty simple but when you ask for everything that relates to terminations on charities and audit, that is a lot of stuff. neil: that is an interesting point. i have heard this criticism before, lot of investigators are casting such a wide net asking for information, there almost defeating the purpose of fine fine-tuning the investigation and learning when it came to this targeting conservatives they knew and when they knew it. right? >> that is the problem. the other thing is ways and means of finance, they can ask for taxpayer information under a
11:32 pm
law they are cleared to look at a full e-mail that might mention you or me or some other taxpayer. darrell issa committee is not the same thing under the law that is written they don't have access to that taxpayer information. if the service will hand over an e-mail, they have to clean it over. neil: here is my other worry. you're the expert, i am not. it seems to me the administration bringing in someone who is a loyalist to the administration, which is fine, anybody can be whatever they want to be, it kind of reinforces the notion this is not a real investigation and certainly not one that is intent on making the president or the administration look bad. this is that cynical notion. >> i disagree with you there, neil. he is a straight shooter, a senior fellow, he will not pull his punches based on some instruction from a treasury or
11:33 pm
the white house. he will call the shots like he sees it. that having been said, there is an interest here. neil: kind of taking a birds eye view of this whole thing and given money to the obama campaign not once, but twice. does that give you pause? >> you cannot l, that servant is allowed to contribute. that individual you are alluding to gave money. she is allowed to do that under the law. neil: should they bend over backwards given that scrupulously detailed honest
11:34 pm
about this so nothing would make anyone think twice. >> it is awkward, it is difficult. i was always asked about union involvement at the service because so much of the money in the employees represented through the union channels the democratic caucus. i would like to see no unions in the service for those people actually doing tax audits and collection activities. again, if it is allowable under the law, it is very difficult. one of your principal criticisms is that the president is over interpreting the law. you have to be careful if you start to criticize individuals who are just taking advantage of the opportunities they have under the current law. right now those individuals have those rights. neil: i cannot believe you are such a big bucket the mock being so honest and straightforward.
11:35 pm
thank you very much, mark. i am kidding. very big honor to have you, we appreciate it. >> nice to talk to you, neil. neil: the clash over the contraception mandate has got a lot of our facebook the worst feeling. when you heard hobby lobby ceo was telling us what happened, you have not gone off since. here is what the attorney told me and why nobody is angrier than the judge, who is ready to let loose. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when fixed income experts... ♪ with equity experts... ♪ ...who work with regional experts... ♪ ...who work with portfolio management experts, that's when expertise happens.
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our best value plans ever for business. neil: teams of lawyers can't seem to kill it, so maybe god can. in the ultimate hail mary pass, the health care law is said to violate a higher authority. what is to stop the company them
11:39 pm
from sucking up and paying the penalty? it's a heckuva lot cheaper than it would be a heckuva lot cheaper. macnair willing to make them paid millions of dollars. the pressure to violate the beliefs is huge. neil: in the end it wasn't about money but how you morally or ethically feel about it. it's a dismisses how some of the justices, that some of them if they didn't like the contraceptive mandate we should display country and pay the penalty and move on. the judge wasn't exactly moved and he wasn't moving on. that was the tone of a lot of people said is almost dismissive. >> sometimes the judges and justices will suggest things to
11:40 pm
lawyers that they don't necessarily believe to see how the lawyers will respond. but if any justice was suggesting that that is what should happen is repellent and repugnant as it is to me and to you and to many other people listening, that is obamacare did the greens, they own hobby lobby and there are several moments of dollars it had come out of their pockets. this was the rubber meeting the road. >> they found that future to be reprehensible. do you think that that issue gets to be a real problem? those that are morally and religiously opposed to in a. >> i think, and i was in there and order him, i read the briefs and i also read the transcript of the oral argument. i believe that hobby lobby and
11:41 pm
others that have a challenger will prevail. i think that the religious belief, if your church says you can't pay taxes come honestly they're not going to go along with that. so it's limited. like my church culture human sacrifice. it's limited. but this is not the principal shareholder thing to the employers of general motors, my religious beliefs are going to try and you're right. neil: so if they are granted the exemption or waiver on religious grounds and everyone is going to jump into it. >> it's interesting that you use that phrase for it in order to stop this, the obama demonstration granted over religious groups like the university of notre dame, exemptions and delays.
11:42 pm
when you stopped printing them, you don't draw a line on which people get them. on the other side of what you don't. neil: haven't heard it on that? with all the mandates and provisions are now talking today about giving people a few more weeks to sign up. >> i agree. but it doesn't make the law go away. no, it doesn't. but it makes it easier for judges to make inroads on the law. >> a case was argued in the u.s. court of appeals that we will get to the supreme court next year and can the government lawfully subsidize the exchanges, the health care exchanges and states to establish them where we live. because of those subsidies benefit well-to-do people because the irs regulations
11:43 pm
prohibit them above the poverty level. this is such a mass that the consequences were never examined and it's being caught up in that is what happens when you write a 2700 page law that no one reads until it's passed. neil: all right, judge. thank you so much. in the meantime, ending before the freefall. the more that zuckerberg is fine, the more that he is beginning to think that beginning to think that investors everywhere will soon
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neil: in tonight's business blitz, i hate to burst your bubble.
11:47 pm
you should listen to me because i'm never wrong. we are living in a bubble. and everyone is celebrating casebooks latest 2 billion-dollar purchase anything nothing unusual about that. and what is that selling for? 19 million? i'm telling you. come on. what are we doing here? it's time to step back and remember the last time everyone was cheering, it was about promise and not profits. you know what happened. was 1999 and the party stopped. is this a bubble? >> it's a bubble, but i wouldn't call it 1999. neil: how about early 2014? >> i could go with that. to 70% of the companies are not even producing. but the facebook thing, really 400 million on what could be the next big thing. maybe it's not that bad.
11:48 pm
but i do think we are pushing things up in the second that we see them pull back and pulls back first. that is definitely telling me something. neil: generally when you're russian, he said you have to do this now. i worry. >> you mean that i should take back the car that i bought 15 seconds ago? i mean, here's the thing. the market is fixing this. the technology ipos are getting head. biotech has been a big sector. they are starting to get smoked pretty hard. the reason that is probably a good thing is that it's going to fix the pricing, meaning that they will come out of the lower price words more attractive to buy them. or they're going to fix the amount of companies actually come out and price. so the market is going to work through this. i do think it's a bubble. bubbles can be fun. you just have to get out of them before they pop on you.
11:49 pm
neil: i'm going to write that down. [laughter] neil: i don't think all of these companies are all jokes. there's there is all kinds of rushing to men when we see something that is very hypnotic to a lot of folks who use it, but only if it's that darn close to a car company and i start saying well, what do you think? to there's three things that are different. first of all that is the age of the average investor. a lot of the old school guys have passed on, moved on, they are out of the business. >> you're looking darn good. [laughter] our belief system is completely different. the younger generation, they got used to this. and this global money coming in to the global marketplace wasn't there 30 or 40 years ago. so was a different kind of
11:50 pm
thing. there are companies that are paying for a lot of these things >> they made it much easier to come to market. and it's easier, you don't have to hire auto companies area we could go to market. why not? >> everyone goes too far. i'm not saying that these are examples of it because we all know that we get players that emerge, amazon, ebay. there is a history of that. i just don't know which they are. the psoriasis? >> the couple actually survived, kind of the last two big ones. twitter and hilton hotels. you can get your arms around him a a little bit better. still up from the ipo prices.
11:51 pm
tried-and-true, measurable businesses versus some of the high-tech fly-by-night companies neil: there was facebook as well. a bumpy start, but they did okay. >> they might still last a little while if they can make these acquisitions actually work for them. that is the question. neil: thank you guys very much. i like the age comment go because i like you. in the meantime, i think i announcer: where can an investor be a name and not a number? scotade. ron: i'm never alone with scottrade. i can always call or stop by my local office. they're nearby and ready to help. so when i ha i can talk to someone who knows exactly how i trade. because i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. that's why i'm with scottrade. announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates.
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>> what is the deal, neil? neil: what is the deal with the russians in space? are we paying $71 million of money? is an is a price that we are dealing with? what is the deal with the american negotiators who sign
11:55 pm
these ridiculous deals with the russians to get us going with these rockets? that explains why we don't push sanctions too far. thomas via hotmail. yesterday obama stood up to letter koonin befriended him on facebook. that would be a big deal. but again i wouldn't hold my breath on that. but our country's moral collapse is a bipartisan affair. and when did the grand old party become randall butthead's? well, i don't off i'd phrase it that way, but maybe around the same time that republicans started thinking that spending mattered and that it suddenly hit him. from then on it has been all downhill. and then this tweet. i like fnc but addicted to fbn. so what is the deal? well, first cuts would be too
11:56 pm
expensive in my size prohibitively so. although i have suggested a confectionery product and stuff like nice crispy treats, these would have a shelf life a decade. and harry reid himself must've been watching because he quickly did a 180. >> you are putting this crimea thing under assault. he would've grabbed the region whether ukrainian it was approved in the senate or not. what is wrong with republicans wanted to make sure that whatever eight has been promised was to the right folks? >> i'm glad they did.
11:57 pm
stop sending aid and fix our country. another, stop sending foreign aid and let countries think for themselves. still another. and why send them anything? not an option. can common sense be taught? i wonder. in the case of hair he read it can be forced again and again. still another one, the money will never get to the right place. why should we did anybody at all? that never seems to happen. the only victory they can really claim is that they got him to relent on providing an additional $60 million for the imf. as ted cruz said, that would've been adding insult to injury. so how do they get there in the first place? >> these changes had passed he would have significantly increase the exposure of the u.s. tax payers, potentially
11:58 pm
billions of dollars to imf exposure. but in addition to that and even more nonsensical big would have decreased america's influence and increased rushes. >> all right. in the end the ukraine gets the money and there's no guarantee where that money will go. and so i don't know how you are going to hear me right now if you don't have cable, but we are constantly uploading our best segments to fox and we also post them all over facebook and twitter. we asked her followers why they are on our team in the first place. gary said that is because i talk about something other than ridiculous choice. charlie says the realized that human laughs are acceptable at any level from a very successful
11:59 pm
and smart guy and you're not afraid to make fun of yourself and maybe it's because i'm offering such ample material. in nancy says i don't know him personally, he sounds like a really honest concern guy who's not too many of those on tv. i am done and more. and i worked on this genuine thing for years and it took years of practice. it wasn't easy, but here i am. and because when our country is swirling around, neil cavuto never loses his sense of humor. i could deal without that analogy but i couldn't do without your watching you. thank you. good and that we love to hear from you. because i think a lot of people -- it's all how great a person is, how great the anchor is. you seem to be godlike. well, those are the e-mails that my staffers dead. and i don't know why. they represent 99% of the
12:00 am
e-mails that we get and they focus on the 1% that doesn't mean i can't. but we would love to hear from you. we want to hear from you. we want to interact with you. it's important you, it i >> obamacare deadline stpreufped longer than elasta girl's arms he is aebgs musted by shifting ties losing battle guy just look the spent, is hel owing loss losing ground her or his mind it seems that wreckage from plight 370, something all of happend to his presidency now, even international flotilla will never be able to put pieces together to make him whole annie lev


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